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The male birth control pill is now a reality


The contraceptive pill for men is already a reality, which can bring multiple advantages, however, not much is known about this pill yet.

Thanks to recent research conducted by two institutions in 2019, the origin of this study was reached at Osaka University.

The results of the first phase of this pill were totally positive, however, evidence is still lacking, so this male contraceptive method could be available in approximately 10 years.

Since very little is known about this male birth control pill, which is still in the testing phase, we leave you with a list of the details you do not know about this pill and how it can affect the human body in both positive and negative ways:

1. It is not yet on the market

Due to recent research, this pill is not yet available on the market. The reason is that this method of birth control lacks even more evidence.

It was publicly reported that the results of the first test were overwhelmingly positive, so this male pill is now a reality.

The female birth control pill has been very successful since its introduction to the market; this success can also be seen in the male pill. However, the development of this pill is having greater difficulties and it is still far from being able to go on the market.

These are the reasons why it has not yet been launched on the market:

Because the affectivity in humans (side effects, possible adverse reactions, interference with other drugs, among others) has not yet been tested with total success.It is not yet known how it would be administered.Because women’s fertility is governed by cycles.The man’s fertility is constant, the sperm are always produced fertile.

2. Investigations and tests carried out

The creation of this method for men’s sexual care has been announced by the Institute for Biomedical Research in Los Angeles.

This scientific institute located in the United States claims to have created and successfully tested the first male contraceptive pill. This pill will work as a contraceptive method that can replace the traditional pill that women use just before they have sex.

Christina Wang, a male reproductive biologist, is the person conducting this research. She said her research team conducted a study with 40 healthy men over a period of 28 days. The results were encouraging, and then preceded affirmation of the creation of this pill.

3. How this pill works

Although many men may fear or even speculate about the use of this pill. This method of contraception helps preserve the libido during sex, but its greatest benefit is that it can allow a moment of enjoyment for both.

Deactivating a protein found in sperm (calcineurin) can easily disrupt fertility temporarily. Because of this, sperm decrease in number, lose their motility, and are unable to penetrate the egg.

Male protection can be achieved with compound 11-Beta-MNTDC (temporary name of the pill), although this may take two or three months.

4. Side effects of the male pill

It should be noted that it did not cause serious side effects to the individuals who participated in this test.

Among participants who took 11-Beta-MNTDC, testosterone was reduced to an average level without experiencing any serious effects.

However, some participants experienced mild side effects such as fatigue, headaches, acne, and nausea. On the other hand, only five participants reported a slight temporary decrease in sexual desire, although sexual activity was not reduced in any case.

In addition, according to Wang, the effects of this male pill were reversible after treatment was stopped.

5. Your advantages and disadvantages

As for the advantages and disadvantages of using this method of contraception, it is not very profound since it is a pill that has not been launched on the market, however, we can determine this pill as an advance in equality between men and women.

The main advantage of this male pill is protection during sexual intercourse.

As for the disadvantage, we do not know the product at all, but we do know that it has side effects.

For the time being, testing and research are needed for this male pill. Because it is important to make sure that the product can work, without side effects and without leaving unwanted pregnancies.

The goal is to find the pill that has the fewest side effects and is most effective.


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