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Yoga: excellent ally to tone up the body and lose weight


Yoga is certainly a very good activity and habit. You could say that it is a type of cardiovascular activity, it brings many benefits that can heal you, relax you, improve you and also, you can lose weight.

It should also be noted that this discipline is very complete since it is able to use the body and mind to perform each posture in yoga. So it can provide you with different reactions, one of them could be said to be spiritual peace.

It is important to keep in mind that, if you practice this discipline constantly, it will help you lose weight and maintain a balanced and healthy weight.

Having said that, this totally natural habit can help you to get a good figure, however, not everyone knows the details, benefits, and postures of yoga that can help you to lose weight. That’s why below we will provide you with an excellent and very curious list that you should know to lose weight by doing yoga.

1 – Is yoga really good for losing weight?

When people talk to us about yoga, the first thing they imagine is flexibility, relaxation, and meditation, and you may ask yourself: How can I lose weight with this discipline? It’s really very simple. We’ll tell you why this discipline will help you lose weight.

We’ll tell you why this discipline helps you lose weight.

There are different types of yoga, although of course many of these are directly associated with relaxation, so it is difficult to think that this discipline can help you lose weight. However, there are other types of yoga totally different, they are much more intense and compared to the yoga we all know, this one is able to demand quite a lot of physical effort.

And believe it or not, doing this type of yoga has excellent results if you are looking to tone your body. And it will also help you to effectively control your weight.

Due to the intensity of the postures that can impose this discipline, we obtain great benefits to lose weight, these are

  • It effectively helps to develop and tone the muscles, eliminating the fat accumulated in certain parts of the body thanks to physical effort.
  • It is capable of accelerating the metabolism: especially with the most intense postures, which also increase the heart rate in a healthy way.
  • It burns calories. Calms down some factors that are associated with overweight such as anxiety and stress.
  • Improves digestion, giving the body the ability to make the most of the nutrients in food, avoiding the accumulation of fat.

2 – How to lose weight by doing yoga

Mainly the first thing to reason and understand is, yoga is a discipline that has the objective of teaching specifically to calm the mind and better understand the emotions. In addition, yoga also allows you to control hunger, to have better nutritional habits, so all this contributes to weight loss.

It has even been proven by a study conducted by the National Institute of Health of the United States, this study determined that due to its excellent physical, mental, and also social benefits, yoga is a comprehensive tool capable of making you lose weight.

Having said this important point, we must now return to the main subject. Many people are asking themselves the question: How can I lose weight by doing yoga? This has different reasons.

The main reason why yoga helps you to lose weight is its postures. These are capable of toning the muscle, although you have to take into account that not all the yoga postures will benefit you.

Some postures or types of yoga are able to make the bodywork much better, promoting the elimination of toxins, increasing metabolism, and improving blood circulation. Thanks to all this, the organism works much better, so we will have more physical and psychological energy to control the desire to eat.

3 – The best types of yoga to lose weight

Since we know that there are different types of yoga, we will place the best types of yoga that will help you lose weight.

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa or Warrior Yoga:

This type of practice is really vigorous, it is highly recommended especially if your intention is to lose weight and improve your physical condition. This type of yoga is able to offer strength and flexibility, however, it demands a lot of physical effort, that is why it is ideal.

  • Power Yoga:

Without a doubt it is a very strong practice, it is recommended for those people who already have some experience doing yoga. It is capable of taking the body to the extreme, which gives it benefits in all areas. This type of yoga is a unique experience since it must combine physical effort, sweat, and relaxation (meditation).

  • Bikram Yoga:

This type of yoga is quite extensive, since it offers about 26 postures that must be performed in approximately 90 minutes. It must be performed in a room where the temperature is at 42 degrees Celsius. The idea of this type of yoga is to heat more muscles in order to eliminate toxins. It is important to remember that it should only be done by people who are in good physical condition.

  • Acroyoga:

Finally, there is this type of yoga, one of the most complete because it combines acrobatics, yoga, dance, and even some massages. It is recommended since it is a type of yoga where you are forced to work the body.

4 -Weight loss postures

There are different postures that burn more calories than others, this is due to the physical effort that must be made for each posture.

  • Hatha or Iyengar

It’s not a very intense posture, but in the long run, it helps you lose weight. You must be consistent with this posture.

  • Camel posture

The camel posture or ustrasana, is a complete exercise that serves to lose weight and tone up. You can eliminate the accumulation of fat in a specific area, the abdomen. We all want to have a flat abdomen, this exercise will help you.

  • Cobra posture

The cobra is a yoga asana, which has the ability to strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen and back. If you want to strengthen and firm up your buttocks, this is the ideal exercise. In addition, it is also good for reducing accumulated fat in the hips.

  • Tweezing Posture

This asana is a very good option to lose weight, it is easy to dominate, although physical resistance and flexibility are needed. It is ideal for eliminating fat accumulated in the abdomen.

  • Bow Posture

It is an intense exercise, which requires some experience in yoga. It is a posture of flexibility and concentration that requires resistance. It helps to lose weight and tone up, especially in the buttocks. In addition, it is able to provide other benefits since it brings more stability to the spine and fights back ailments.

  • Half-moon with bounces

This is a very specific exercise because it only aims to shape the abdomen, eliminating accumulated fat. Although it also strengthens other areas of the body, such as the obliques.


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